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The Quick Question Consult

If you can fit it between an Initial Cap &
a question mark, we'll get you an answer.

Only $8

If you’ve got a simple, quick question for me and you can put it in a single sentence that ends with a question mark, I’ll do my best to come up with an answer ... quick & cheap. If you don’t like my answer I’ll refund your money.

Don’t ask me to diagnose or prescribe ... if I haven’t examined you I can’t do that. But I can let you know what I would do or recommend in certain situations.

Here's some examples of good Simple Questions:

  • How much vitamin C does one take to stop a cold?
  • Do you know which meal bar at Whole Foods is the best one with the least sugar?
  • What can I do about this bugbite?
  • Where can I get good eucalyptus oil in bulk at warehouse prices?
  • Is there a good homeopathic to take when I’ve taken a bad tumble?
  • How can I stop this hangover?

Exception: If your question is of the nature of "Can you help me/my relative/my friend with ___________?" (fill in the diagnostic blank) then you should just go ahead and ask me, I don't charge for that. Simply email me, please.

Here's what you do:

  1. Sign Up to ask your Question.
  2. After you've signed up, you'll download a page that will give you a link to the Question Form.
  3. Use the form to ask your Question.
  4. Once you've asked your Question, I'll be informed and I'll get on it within a day, often sooner
  5. I'll answer your question by email, complete with citations and sources so you can investigate the issue in more depth.

If your question is too complex we may suggest a more ambitious consult or offer to refund your $8. And it's important that you understand that any information we share with you is educational in nature. If you use the information we share in an attempt to heal yourself or others, we can't be responsible for the outcome.

It's a good idea to do your homework and follow up on the information we send you. We're a great filter and source of information, and we can most likely steer you in some promising directions and clue you in to important self-care details that you might otherwise overlook.